High King of the Elves


Bright Eyes.


Ereinion Gil-galad is the sixth and perhaps last High King of the Noldor. He was still a child at the time of the Dagor Bragollach when Morgoth broke the Siege of Angband. As a result his father, Orodreth, sent him (and his mother) to Círdan at the Havens of the Falas for safekeeping. After the fall of Minas Tirith, the Pass of Sirion was open to Morgoth’s hosts although they were still kept at bay by the still mighty realm of Hithlum and also the power of Nargothrond. Hithlum was destroyed after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and thus there was no power left that could withstand the enemies, and the ports at the Falas were besieged and captured. Yet Círdan, Gil-galad and many other Elves could flee from death on ship and etablished a refuge upon the Isle of Balar and a small haven at the Mouths of Sirion. In the Nirnaeth Arnoediad Fingon, High King of the Noldor, was slain, and the crown passed to his brother Turgon in Gondolin. When Gondolin was lost, Gil-galad received the Kingship of the Noldor. He and Círdan maintained the refuge upon Balar and the small port at the Sirion estuary until the War of Wrath and the end of the First Age.

After the destruction of Beleriand during the War of Wrath, Gil-galad founded a kingdom in Lindon in the far northwest of Middle-Earth, roughly between the Blue Mountains and the Great Sea around the Gulf of Lhûn and the havens Forlond, Harlond and Mithlond were founded. Many Elves, both Sindar and Noldor joined him. But soon there was again unrest among the Noldor, and many of them left Lindon and led by Celebrimbor founded the realm of Eregion, probably also stirred up by the finding of mithril in Khazad-dûm. Also some Sindar and many of the Nandor did not wish to live with the Noldor, who had done them great evil, and migrated eastwards to Lothlórien or Greenwood the Great. When Prince Aldarion of Númenor came to Middle-Earth, they established friendship with the Elves. In S.A. 882 Gil-galad gave him a letter for his father, the King of Númenor, Tar-Meneldur. He warned him that a new shadow was arisen in the East and beseeched him for aid.


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