Durin Longbeard

Durin the Deathless, Father of the Longbeards


A very very very long beard.


When he awoke he journeyed south alone through the wild where no person ever wandered before, and gave name to “nameless hills and dells”, perhaps Azanulbizar and the nearby features. He came upon Kheled-zâram. Looking upon mysterious stars set like a crown reflected in its surface, he took this as a sign, and there in the caves above the lake, founded a great city. This was Khazad-dûm, later called Moria, and for many years it was the greatest Dwarven city in Middle-earth.

Durin was the founder of the Longbeards house, which became known as Durin’s folk. He lived to a great age even by the measure of the Dwarves until he was known as “The Deathless”. However, he was not actually immortal, and died sometime during the First Age.

Durin Longbeard

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