The Half-Elven


Elrond is described to seem ageless, resembling neither old nor young, however one could see in his face the memories and experiences of thousands of years. He looks venerable both like an old king, a wise wizard, and an experienced warrior in his prime. As common with other Noldorin Elves, he is dark-haired, while his eyes are grey shining like starlight. He can be seen wearing a circlet of silver.


His parents were Eärendil and Elwing. He is thus Half-elven: Eärendil was the child of the mortal Tuor and the elf Idril, while Elwing was the grandchild of Beren (a Man) and Lúthien (daughter of the Elf-king Thingol and the Maia Melian). Consequently, Elrond is descended from all three tribes of the Elves (Vanyar and Noldor through Idril, Sindar through Luthien), a Maia, and all three houses of the Edain (Hador, Haleth and Bëor).

Elrond was born at the Havens of Sirion late in the First Age. His parents were Eärendil and Elwing and had a twin brother, Elros, who later became the first king of Númenor. When the Sons of Fëanor attacked the Havens of Sirion, Elwing was taken by Ulmo. The twins were carried off, but later found near a waterfall and they were named as such; Elrond was discovered in a cave. Taken captive by Maglor, they were subsequently raised by him. Following the War of Wrath, because of his Half-elven heritage the Valar gave Elrond and his brother a choice whether to be counted among the kindred of Elves or of Men. Elrond chose to belong to the Firstborn, while Elros chose to become mortal. Elrond subsequently remained in Lindon with Gil-galad, where he became known as a healer and loremaster.


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